Hinenu’s committees are where much of the community-driven work takes place and decisions are often made. All members are encouraged to join a committee of their interest and help shape the community they want to see! 

The Membership Committee works to grow and strengthen the Hinenu community by engaging prospective members, orienting new members, and appreciating current members. It is also responsible for semi-annual Membership Meetings. Considering joining the Committee? If you are extroverted, joining this essential Committee will not be a lot of work but it will be a lot of fun. You will also develop transferable community organizing, fundraising, and networking skills that will help you with life, work, and justice-making. Contact committee chair Owen Silverman Andrews at to find out more.

The Communications Committee shares message about events and programs at Hinenu to the membership and the wider world. The committee works on an ongoing and regular basis to manage the website, Facebook and other social media, and newsletter. For larger events, communications works with local media, manages distribution of promotional materials, and outreach. The communications chair supports the committee in creating and implementing a communications strategy for Hinenu, and meets as needed with chairs of other committees (i.e.- Fundraising, Membership, Programs, etc.) to ensure that communications strategies align with those committees’ needs . Contact committee chair Evan Serpick at to find out more.

The Ritual Committee, in partnership with the rabbi, is charged with, one, big picture thinking about our community's spiritual and ritual life, and, two, week-to-week, month-to-month planning that goes into creating the most powerful, joyful, accessible, ruach-filled services, holiday observances, and spiritual functions that we can muster. We will be a hub for several areas of work for the foreseeable future including the design of holiday content for Hinenu's celebrations, the stage management and content planning of Hinenu's services, the decision-making process for questions such as our community's approach to halakhah (e.g., kashrut), movement affiliation, service style(s), and the recruitment/training of people interested in leading/learning to lead spiritually in our community. Meeting schedule will be decided by the group--expect approximately 1 joint meeting per month, with additional work based on commitments to individual areas of work. Contact committee chair Jonah Ben Avraham at find out more.

The Programs and Mobilization Committee serves two functions. Firstly, this committee is responsible for all non-service specific programs at Hinenu, working with the rabbi and board on the calendar for the year. Secondly, mobilization efforts of this committee work to share out organizing work happening in Baltimore and around the country, building relationships with neighbor organizations, sharing to the membership opportunities for tzedek (“justice”) work, and collaborating with the Executive Committee on decisions around rapid response mobilizations. Contact committee chair Sarah Rovin at to find out more.

The Fundraising and Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring Hinenu’s financial viability with creative and thoughtful strategies. These include and are not limited to annual or season specific fundraisers; liaising with larger donors; finding and applying for grants and ensuring their administration and implementation; crowdfunding; and the annual High Holy Day appeal (or other related opportunities). This committee works with the Treasurer, who is a non-voting member of this committee, to develop and offer feedback on the annual budget, and support strategic planning. Contact committee chair Sara Eisenberg at to find out more.